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This question goes to all the people here that live in Europe: Which dating apps or websites do you use? Additionally: I'd be great if you could.

Isn't gay prostitution legal where straight prostitution is? Wouldn't that be a sort of workplace discrimination if only straight was legal? They do not need make it legal first. According to the IRS:. Income from illegal activities, such as money from dealing illegal drugs, must be included in your income on Form , line 21, or on Schedule C or Schedule C-EZ Form if from your self-employment activity. There is or maybe used to be - it's probably gone post-PATRIOT Act a law that made it illegal for a government agency to share data for any reason not authorized by statute.

I've seen this in action three times, and each time it was amazing:.

IaMa gay male escort who doesn't mind answering honestly any questions you might have. : IAmA

So while much of government is evil and wants to eat your children, there are a lot of civil servants who take their responsibilities and obligations to the public seriously. That is interesting, but I assume that people that report this income if anyone actually does would just say it's from something else. Line 21 of Form is actually just for including income that doesn't fit into the other categories, including prizes and awards, gambling winnings, jury duty fees, etc.

Here are some other things that the IRS wants you to include on Line If you steal property, you must report its fair market value in your income in the year you steal it unless in the same year, you return it to its rightful owner. I live in a place where it is not illegal per-se. Solicitation is illegal here initial approach but once I'm at the point where fucking is commencing it's all good. Also I would like to note that gay escorts are not treated the same here as female escorts.

Female escorts it is viewed like they being taken advantage of. Having young gay escorts work is viewed as part of the culture I guess.

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I've never heard of a gay escort getting busted around here. A successful gay escort in a major city in North America with Canada's unique combination of illegal solicitation but legal fucking? I'm calling Toronto.

Heh, yeah I got that too -- as soon as he said "solicitation is illegal, but fucking's ok! This is a fascinating AmA. I can't think of any questions not asked so far, but I'll be checking up later to see if anything new appears. Just wanted to say thanks for the insight, and it seems like you're enjoying your life choices. Don't let anyone give you shit for that. You're welcome, I've been having fun replying to people's questions. It's also giving me a couple of new topics to think about.

Sorry if this is a repeat question I tried to read as many as I could, but I'm at work and may have missed one Have you ever had someone who wasn't sure of their sexuality and came to you to see if they liked the whole"gay" thing? And if so, what was their experience? I have had offers like that and I turn them down.


Gay curious people do not have the emotional separation of sex and love and it can cause problems. I know this because I've 'turned' a couple straight people in my personal life and it can end messy. Or blowing someone while they're asleep. They have to be in some ways incapacitated, like a zombie, hence the "Z". If so what do they think? I've turned down prospective suitors, even if they are other escorts because I feel that it would add a level of complication that would be too difficult to deal with.

Honestly the part I hate most about the job is that I've gotten kind of love lonely of late. This one time I was asked to fist somebody, which I had never done. He also had not informed me previously he wanted me to do this. My nails were not trimmed. During fisting there is this point where you have four fingers inside him and you kinda have to roll your finger inward so your tips faced towards your palms. This was then followed by my hand getting wetter and wetter as more blood filled the cavity.

I told him what had happened, he asked me to keep going. That feeling of my finger tearing butt flesh is one that's stuck with me. Some of them don't like it, some of them worry about my safety. Luckily most of my current friends I met after I had started doing it, so I didn't have to like 'come out' with the knowledge. While I do think that using the term "kinda gross" when referring to bloody anal-fisting I call it a Red Dawn is a bit of an understatement, this AMA is still cool. I FELT my fingernail catch and snag, tearing a rent into his rectum.

I work as a Pro Dominatrix and I had a situation similar to 2. I had a client who's thing was to have his ass hole spanked. But not over my knee or anything easy like that. He wanted me to get a running start from across the room and hit his cornhole as hard as I could. He bled quite profusely.

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Then he tried to get me to do it without my gloves on for a "big tip. Overwhelmingly I enjoy it. I was a reclusive shy gay kid for the longest time hiding from my sexuality. Being so in control of my own sex life is a thrill. As for how it goes down, it depends on the person. Sometimes they want to talk for a while first, which I usually do off the clock. Sometimes as soon as I show up their already naked and want me in the bedroom.

A common encounter would be me showing up to his place, we say our hellos and he maybe offers me a drink. We talk a little, making sure that we are both on the level as well as just general flirting. If he is having problems instigating I will make personal contact with me, and it will escalate from there. Sometimes I like to start with giving them a back massage before switching to them sucking my dick and then I fuck them.

But it goes down different ways very often, it all depends on the person. By my really bad maths I can conclude that you work an average of 12 customers a week, or am I way off? I said when I am going full out. I've only worked at that pace when I wanted to see what I could do. I tend to just see a few people a week as I was encountering mental issues working that frequently. Using yourself and your body this way frequently in a short period can lead to you have stability issues.

Personally it was leading to some depression issues for myself. I've seen lots of guys burn out quickly because they couldn't keep their head on straight. It's still a damn good income, do you only work as a escort, or do you have another job as well, it sounds like it's one of the best paying second jobs for guys that just needs more income fast.

I only do this right now.

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I make more than I need already. I'm enjoying being young and partyboy right now, sleeping in to whenever I want: Interesting how it's him, the customer, that's blowing you instead of vice versa. Is that actually interesting?

Bottoming for the First Time: He Used Me -- Gay Sex Talk

If you're going to the lengths of researching a male escort, calling him up, inviting him over, and paying him for the trouble, are you really going to insist that he performs the one thing everyone can provide, or are you going to sink your teeth into that juicy fucking cockmeat? I'm straight, but if I were gay this sounds like a pretty awesome fucking job. I mean, a good amount of the time, you get paid for letting men suck your dick. I would be happy as fuck to get paid to let women suck my dick. Anyway, congrats on the good life.

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  • Streetwalkers are much rarer these days due to the Internet. But usually there's a designated street for the gay escorts to sit around waiting to be picked up. I like IAMAs like this because i get to read about people completely different than myself. A good portion of the time it is interesting. One thing i can't wrap my head around though You get paid to fuck guys? I don't get that.