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Press release about Nicaragua

However, according to the observed and verified evidence, the vast majority of victims died as a result of State action or vigilante forces in the service of the State. Likewise, the numbers of deceased persons provided by the State are inconsistent. Subsequently, in response to repeated requests for up-to-date information, the State reported in a note dated August 7 that a total of people had died in Nicaragua between April 19 and July The IACHR also calls on the State to provide information on the legal investigations that are currently underway in order to identify the person or people actually responsible for carrying out the crimes in question and those who planned or instigated them.

In particular, it is mandatory that the Nicaraguan State provides information on the number and identities of those charged, detained, tried, and punished for these acts. The IACHR expresses its utmost concern at the persistence of violence in the repression of social protest, which continues to cause deaths and injuries, and at the information on arbitrary detentions, all of which have been recorded by MESENI through its work monitoring marches, sit-ins and protests, both of opposition and support for the government.

Subsequently, on August 19, the IACHR received information regarding agents of the national police force and government supporters who attacked persons taking part in the convoy to Masaya, resulting in two people injured.

In this context of criminalization of social protest, hundreds of people are being put on trial on unfounded, disproportionate charges involving widespread accusations of terrorism. As an example, access to defense lawyers before scheduled hearings has been denied or hampered. Those persons charged are assigned public defense attorneys who generally suggest self-incrimination as the defense strategy.

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Hearings have been held in unusual places or at unusual times, preventing or hampering private defense attorneys from appearing at them. Access to hearings has also been denied to the general public and sometimes to the family of the accused. The IACHR also observes that the legal proceedings against dissidents and protesters, including criminal trials, are being centralized at the Managua courts, even though the events being investigated often took place in other municipalities.

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This happened at the court hearing. MESENI has also found evidence of the continuation of the pattern of selective repression, with illegal, arbitrary arrests registered in the recent weeks, following the voluntary dismantling of roadblocks throughout the country or the forceful removal of these by the State.

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Testimonies from victims and their families have been consistent in describing the method used for these arbitrary detentions: Thank you so much to Stefan for taking the time to speak with us. We would definitely recommend visiting Laguna if you are in Nicaragua.

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Lastly, we stayed in a Gay Friendly hotel in Granada, Nicaragua. It was beautiful and well worth a visit, take a look here!

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